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Real colours labrador retriever: black.. yellow.. chocolate!
"silver.. champagne..charcoral.. not real colours!!"

Veronika Müller
Greenparadise Labradors - Switzerland


As a breeder of quality Labrador Retrievers I want the breed to stay "true" in type, temperament and color. I absolutely love the breed and want it to stay the number one dog in America, as it has for the last twenty years due in the most part for it's intellegence and loyal, gentle disposition. You just cannot beat a Labrador for a family dog and hunting companion. It is also the number one breed chosen by certified Guide Dog Schools around the world to lead the blind and be a representative for their organization. I do not like breeders passing off a mutt as a new, rare color of Labrador as it is truely Not a Labrador Retriever! Silver Labradors are not Labradors at all but a mix and certainly do not convey the true essence of the Labrador in any way. I do not want the reputation of the Labrador tarnished as these "fake silvers" are being registered with the AKC and promoted as a third color by ignorant and selfish breeders of these mutts. I see clients come into the clinic with these dogs calling them rare silver Labs and bragging about how much they paid for them. I feel sorry for them and think they have been ripped off, and the AKC is not doing anything about it. Please help preserve the reputation of the Labrador Retriever.

Diana Reed - USA


I have been an active Labrador enthusiast since 1990 and well before that I was a lover of the breed starting at the age of 6 or 7. I have never come across a dilute, or silver in all my days and I would like to keep it that way. I have never produced a dilute, or "off" color EVER. I could never believe that this "rare" color came about any way but being nefariously introduced from another breed/s altogether. I support only the 3 recognized colors: black, yellow and chocolate. I will always do my best to avoid introducing this "crime" into our lovely breed. These dilute breeders are sneaky folks as they have demonstrated their ability to buy into well established bloodlines and slowly build up their arsenals. We have no time to lose. Public education is the key.

Ellen Shearer
Tableau Labradors - USA


As a owner and exhibitor of Labrador Retrievers, I am firmly against the "silver Labrador". It is against the standard and in no way should it be bred upon or perpetuated.

Fred Vukadinovic - USA


We are breeders to preserve the pureness of the breed, we are stewards of the breed always protecting our beloved Labrador. The goal of breeding is to improve. Responsible breeders never have, never would, never will **purposely** produce disqualifications in color that that are not recognized by the AKC, nor would they knowingly advertise these disqualified colors as being a true, pure bred Labrador. There are 3 colors of the Labrador Retriever, black, yellow (which can have an appearance of light cream to fox red) and chocolate (which can be a lighter chocolate or darker chocolate) Silver is NOT a color, Champagne is not a color (at times you may see a yellow being referred as having a shade variation that matches what champagne, or Dom Perigon, looks like), white is not a color (this is a lightest shade variation of yellow) and Charcoal is not a color. Regardless of the catch words, the buzz words, unscrupulous people (who call themselves 'breeders') are using to dupe the public into thinking the rhetoric spewed means responsible breeders are wrong and liars about their "truth" is false. It has been argued the dilute gene causing these shades is in all Labradors rather then understanding the silver Labrador is a cross between a Weimaraner and Labrador. This argument is futile. If this were true breeders of yesteryear, breeders of today that have been breeding for 20, 30, 40, 50 years, wonderful examples and teachers for the new breeder (both in show conformation and field work) would have also been producing this. They are not. To say all these hundreds and thousands of people around the world actually are but "cull" them out (kill them) is preposterous. Please do not fall for this scam, please protect the Labrador Retriever which comes in three colors with different shades, black, yellow, and chocolate

Susan Bennington
Moonlit Labradors - USA


Beware of breeders that sell champagne, silver, or charcoal Labradors. These colors are the unacceptable dilute version of the only 3 AKC accepted colors: yellow, Chocolate, and black. The heavy inbreeding done by these breeders commonly produces genetically weak Labrador prone to skin disorders, common infections, and undesirable temperaments. Most of these puppies are destined to a painful, sad, and short life. Veterinarian bills of thousands of dollars are not enough to undo what the greed and lack of knowledge have produced.

Shame on breeders that destroy this beautiful breed for the love of money.

Dr Laura van Dalen
Vandalen Kennels - USA


Having had Labradors most of my life as well as having bred and raised Labradors for nearly 30 years, I am deeply saddened to see the latest fashion craze of our beloved breed be sullied with the dilutes and silvers. A Labrador comes in 3 colors and 3 colors only. The silver and dilutes, champagne and charcoal, are not pure in spite of what you are being fed. The breed standard WORLDWIDE lists 3 colors only. Black, yellow, and chocolate. Yellow can vary from light cream to fox red. Chocolate can be from light to dark. Do not buy into the falsehoods that silver, champagne, and white are rare!!

I stand firm in my conviction to do everything in my power to help educate the general public about the falsehoods of these other "breeders" and to preserve the Labrador in its true colors of Black, Yellow and Chocolate!

Debbie Morton
Kalon Labradors - USA


I have been breeding litters of the breed standard recognized colors of, black, yellow, or chocolate for close to 40 years. Many breeders of the so called silver, charcoal, white, and champagne, etc. advertise their litters as rare, and it is often a marketing ploy to sell their pups for high prices. Don't be fooled by designer colors of Labradors! I stand against registering silver Labradors with the AKC which only currently accepts them if designated as chocolate.

Pat Kroll
Honorbright Labradors - USA


After falling in love with our first yellow Labrador in 1991 and eventually raising puppies (after seeking much advice from other experienced breeders), I was asked to board a Labrador for a week that did not even look like the breed standard. It actually resembled a weimaraner, but the owner insisted it was AKC registered. That was my first introduction to a dilute Labrador, and hopefully my last—not at all what the breed should look like. We will only try to improve the breed and put out yellow, black or chocolate Labradors, and do not support any other colors.

Linda Clough - USA


Thank you for starting this website. As a new Labrador Retriever breeder I am appalled at the so called “breeders” out there lying to the general public to sell these fake Labradors. I will only breed and support the 3 officially recognized colors of the Labrador Retriever as stated in the AKC standard.

Lynn Halterman
Barra Labradors - USA


As a breeder of the three recognized colors of Labrador Retrievers for 8 years, I am grateful for this site and the hard work of those professional breeders who created it and maintain it.

As a professional breeder myself, it is easy to see deviations from breed-standard conformation when analyzing the head shape and other aspects of “silver Labradors”; however, the unsuspecting public is not trained to spot these.

I fully endorse any and all efforts to repeal any AKC registrations of these dogs, and will continue to breed only chocolate, yellow, and black Labrador Retrievers.

Susan L. Trumble
Tru-Heart Labradors - USA


I do not believe in breeding FOR disqualifying traits. It is not reputable, nor is it ethical. Since anything other than true chocolate, black, or yellow (ranging in shades from light cream to fox red) are disqualifications according to the labrador breed standard in virtually any country in the world, to breed specifically FOR those disqualifying colors and the numerous health problems that are linked to dilutes is doing our wonderful breed and those who love them a huge disservice.

Julie Oghigian
Montview Labradors - USA


For anyone who is considering the purchase of so-called "silver Labradors," I implore you to please take a moment to consider what leading Labrador Retriever breeders, clubs, and governing bodies of the breed worldwide have stated regarding these dogs and those similarly marketed as being rare "charcoal," and "champagne Labradors." There are no "rare" colors in the Labrador breed.

All reputable kennel clubs, as informed by the governing bodies of the Labrador Retriever in their respective countries, acknowledge only three colors within the Labrador standard: chocolate, black, and yellow. The Labrador Retriever Club, the parent club for the breed in the United States has clearly stated on their website that they oppose the practice of registering "silver Labradors" as chocolate; the club does not consider "silver" to be a light color of chocolate, as some have advertised.

If you are looking for a Labrador Retriever for your family, please consider that this dog will likely be with you for a decade or more. You owe it to yourself, and your family to purchase your dog from a reputable source. Someone who is selling you a "silver Labrador" (or other non-standard color) is, at best, perpetuating undesirable traits which are disqualifications under the Labrador breed standard worldwide; and at worst, selling you a dog that has not been properly screened for known health issues affecting Labradors, is likely to be affected by additional health issues related to their dilute coat color, and gouging you with premium prices for a poorly-bred dog that is being marketed as a "rare" breed. Before buying one of these animals, please take a moment to contact your local AKC Labrador Retriever club, or the national Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. and talk to their members about why "silver Labradors" are a detriment to the breed and a poor choice for your family.

If you love the Labrador Retriever breed, and value all the traditional characteristics of the breed that have made it the #1 most registered purebred dog in America for over two decades, then please do not support any breeder that purposely chooses not to follow accepted breed standards and breeding practices by producing "silver Labradors." Thank you.

Daos Boonma - USA






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