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As an owner of Labrador Retrievers since 1977 and a breeder of Labs since 1985, I stand with the rest of the Labrador Retriever community against this false color. They are NOT purebred Labradors and I hate that the breeders of such animals are passing them off to the uneducated public as such.

Kelrobin Labradors, Reg'd- USA


Tintagel Winds Labradors, founded in 1977, is firmly and vocally against any other “colours” for Labradors other than Black, Yellow and Liver.

Felicity - France


Since my earliest childhood introduction to this breed I have never known any existence of Dilute Labradors (silver, charcoal or champagne). Carrying forward to present times and the many years I have been involved with exhibiting and breeding Labradors, I have never produced a dilute Labrador in my program. The only dilute Labradors that I know of, come directly from a "Certain American Kennel" and one that used to advertise the sale of both Labradors and Weimaraners in a hunting dog Magazine many years ago. Is this feasible to say that the dilute gene that is in fact carried by Weimaraners just "magically" showed up in Labradors and all go back to this "certain American kennel"? Is it not odd that most of these Dilute Labradors look so much more like Weimaraners than Labradors? Why before this Kennel in the United States has there never been a case reported of a "silver, charcoal or champagne" Labrador? I support only the three officially recognized colors. Black, Yellow and Chocolate (Liver).

Teresa Gordy
Ashland Labradors - USA


Fouling the Labrador gene pool with mutts carrying the dd-gene is the worst thing that could happen to the Labrador Retriever breed. I will do all I can to warn breeders and puppy buyers for so-called 'silver', 'champagne' and 'charcoal' Labs. I will name and shame the breeders of these mutts.

Jack Vanderwyk, LabradorNet


As a breeder of Labrador Retrievers for home , field and show , I recognize only 3 colors of Labrador Retrievers, Black ,Yellow and Chocolate. I do not feel that silver is a variation of chocolate and it is an absolute disqualification on color. Please don't be duped into buying a rare color, it is a sad mix of different breeds being crossed years ago.

Bridget Bodine
Sight to Sea Labradors - USA


Though I may have only been involved with the Labrador Retriever breed for two years, I firmly stand against the so-called silver "Labrador". It is against the standard and in no way should it be bred upon or perpetuated.

Travis Scarlett - USA


Since 1969 having Labradors, started breeding in 1974, my first boy was a fox red , just called a dark yellow then .. we breed all 3 colors ... and will continue to do so .. please keep our breed clean from silver, charcoals and whatever color they have and/or will come up with in the future! Stick to the STANDARD= Yellow, Black,Chocolate!

Sylvia Liebrechts van Peursem
Silronrays Labradors - France


Silver Labradors are a myth and have never been known to occur naturally in the breed. Every Labrador owner and breeder needs to be aware of the threat that these designer dogs pose to the pedigree gene pool of the Labrador Retriever. Along with the silver colour comes lifelong and debilitating skin conditions such as colour dilution alopecia. Buyers beware.

Lyndsey Wilson
Labradors NZ - New Zealand

The National Labrador Retriever Club endorses the FCI Standard for our beloved Labrador Retriever:

"The Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) is the World Canine Organization. Eighty countries throughout the world are part of this organization (the United States of America is not among them). The FCI recognizes 330 breeds. Each of them is the "property" of a specific country. The "owner" countries of the breeds write the standard of these breeds (description of the ideal type of the breed) which all member countries use as their breed standard and the reference on which their judges base themselves when judging shows held in FCI member countries.

COLOUR: Wholly black, yellow or liver/chocolate. Yellows range from light cream to red fox. Small white spot on chest permissible."

Rebecca Montgomery Bailey
Vice President of The National Labrador Retriever Club
Tarrah Labradors, Reg'd. - USA


I strongly disagree to registering "silvers/dilutes" as Labrador Retrievers with the AKC.
The Standard set by The Labrador Retriever Club --

The Labrador Retriever coat colors are black, yellow and chocolate. Any other color or a combination of colors is a disqualification. A small white spot on the chest is permissible, but not desirable. White hairs from aging or scarring are not to be misinterpreted as brindling. Black - Blacks are all black. A black with brindle markings or a black with tan markings is a disqualification. Yellow - Yellows may range in color from fox-red to light cream, with variations in shading on the ears, back, and underparts of the dog. Chocolate - Chocolates can vary in shade from light to dark chocolate. Chocolate with brindle or tan markings is a disqualification.

Visage Labradors - USA






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